1000 Breaths, 1000 Calories, 1000 Oaks.

We employ 26 Asanas (postures) with 2 specific Pranayama (breath expansion) segments. The 26 and 2 approach is accomplished in 90 minutes and is a subset of our full 84 Asana series handed down from our lineage.


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Hot Yoga 1000
I am sure that you and I know Yoga is good for the body, specially when you started feel getting old (you know what I mean). I took various types of yoga classes during my 30s and early 40s (about 10+ years). Although I still keep doing other exercises regularly, I stopped practicing yoga the last 10 years. I was always eager to go back to yoga. Because I feel different benefits from yoga and other strengthening work out. and I know I need to practice yoga more than before as I feel body aching and low energy. From my early practice, I felt the most benefits from Hot Yoga ( at that time, only called as 'Bikram Yoga' ). When I found Hot Yoga 1000 studio, I was first hesitated to jump in right a away. Because I wasn't sure about the instructors. I think the role of the instructors is more than coaching. They guide something more than verbal sequences and deeper than physical instruction. After I tried Kevin, Vicki, Sunny and other instructors, I know Hot Yoga 1000 studio has rare quality environment that you cannot find other studios. Yes, the class is VERY challenging and pushing your limitation (even after 10 + years of practicing yoga and all my life of aerobics and weight lift training). Every time, after the class, I felt I SURVIVED from the class; more energetic and more rejuvenated. I feel so lucky to find this place. The instructors are so humble and respect the students as their own teacher in different way. So the instructors and students are learning each other and appreciate their teaching each other. This is something I would like to see in a real world. Let's say, it may not happen in the real word; but, yes, I feel this is happening once I step in Hot Yoga 1000 studio. Kevin and Amy show their true gratitude to the students and visitors every time I step in the studio. They are always ready to help you and listen to you. Thank you, Kevin, being my teacher. I can also respectfully call him my humble friend, too.