1000 Breaths, 1000 Calories, 1000 Oaks.

We employ 26 Asanas (postures) with 2 specific Pranayama (breath expansion) segments. The 26 and 2 approach is accomplished in 90 minutes and is a subset of our full 84 Asana series handed down from our lineage.


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Hot Yoga 1000
I hope that T.R. reads this as there are no health hazards of any kind in the yoga room! Beatrice Samson, the former scam-artist-owner, fabricated all these lies in order to get out of her lease and her commitment to the studio. As far as the heating is concerned the problem has been rectified and you might have attended a class when they were just in the process of fixing it. This place is "tainted" because you choose to hold on to negative past events, instead of taking in the new uplifting and kind energy of Hot Yoga 1000. This place has nothing in common anymore with what happened in the past! As soon as you walk in you are greeted warmly by Kevin, Amy or any of the teachers. You can tell that the excellent teachers are happy to teach at this studio and Kevin manages his studio with his heart and genuinely cares about the progress, well being and health of his students. I love practicing yoga in this safe environment, I'm grateful for Kevin's utter generosity, who lets people like me practice for free due to Beatrice's fraudulent behavior, and consider everybody there as my yoga-family. ~Namaste ~