1000 Breaths, 1000 Calories, 1000 Oaks.

We employ 26 Asanas (postures) with 2 specific Pranayama (breath expansion) segments. The 26 and 2 approach is accomplished in 90 minutes and is a subset of our full 84 Asana series handed down from our lineage.


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Hot Yoga 1000
My first Hot Yoga class EVER! I usually get a little antsy by the end of an hour-long yoga class, so when I learned that this class was 90 minutes long, I was a bit unsure of being able to last the entire time without getting restless (or dehydrating and passing out! haha!). When I first walked in, I was pleasantly greeted by Kevin and introduced to Lauren, the instructor for the next 90 minutes of my life. They were so accommodating and friendly; Kevin set my mat up in the room for me and I put my belongings in the locker room. The studio is small and intimate, which is much more comfortable than a large, gym atmosphere. Lauren was amazing!! Her instruction impeccable and constructive criticism was very helpful in each one of her students' achieving optimal, individual results. I was surprised that at the end of the class, it hadn't felt like I'd been there sweating my @ss off for 90 minutes at all! I'm excited to go back again and again!