Stress or Success Workshop

Learn to Thrive, Not just Survive

Stress isn’t an outside force attacking you, although it often feels that way. We have the power to manage and minimize our stress and live a more solution-orientated, peaceful and positive life.

Learn tools and techniques for making your brain your ally.

  • Understand the different types of mental stress and what triggers them.
  • Learn to take dominion over your thinking.
  • Take home tools and techniques that will keep you centered or help you switch channels when you’re in stress.
  • Learn ways to quickly dissipate the physical tightness and discomfort of stress reactions.
  • Discover your inner power to change your experience.
  • More, more more…

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When: Sunday, May 15 12:30-3:30
Where: Hot Yoga 1000
Refreshments will be served.


  • $45
  • $55 at the door

Meet Your Presenters

Michelle Macmanus Runnels

Michelle Macmanus Runnels is a veteran parenting teacher/parent coach of 12 years, a life coach and holds a Masters in Spiritual Psychology. Passionate about neuroscience, Michelle incorporates information about how the brain works into her teaching, believing that understanding the brain better means understanding ourselves better. 2 of her greatest joys are supporting clients as they navigate the ever-changing job of raising children and helping them overcome the obstacles of thought, belief and habit that keep them from living their best lives. Her favorite jobs are being mom to her two teenaged daughters, wife to her husband, and adoptive mom to her 2 stupendous dogs.

Amy Mattison

As a Brain-Based Coach and Energy Medicine practitioner Amy Mattison brings extensive knowledge of both western and eastern approaches to understanding and managing stress to this workshop. During the course of her life and in her 16 years in private practice as a Massage therapist, Energy Medicine practitioner and Coach she has learned a great deal about how stress can negatively impact the body and mind and how to alleviate those stressors. Amy also has more than 20 plus years of experience as a meditator, dancer, yoga practitioner and explorer of the workings of the human body and mind. She is passionate about helping others to discover ways to bring more peace, harmony and joy into their lives.