CORE 40 with Master Instructor Evelyn Alfago

Core 40 with Evelyn Alfago

Registration before Nov. 1: $30
Registration after Nov. 1: $35
Walk-In: $40

Admission is FREE for 1-Year Unlimited and Annual AutoPay Members.

This advanced series consists of a 120-minute session comprised of 40 asanas with 2 pranayama techniques. Its focus on the core and spine complements and extends the 26-n-2, but does not replace it. The CORE-40 sequentially works the smooth, cardiac, and skeletal muscles in an extensive fashion extending the breadth and depth of the 26-n-2 while promoting hip openers. The practice room environment is adjusted to facilitate the additional strength requirements demanded by the CORE-40 training. It is suitable for 26-n-2 beginners through intermediate and advanced level practitioners.