Coming in 2017!

Sunday Morning Dance Prayer
10:30am – 12:00pm

Exact Location and Date To Be Announced. Stay Tuned!



Groove Church is a place where you can play, heal, connect, open your heart, release stress, express the many facets of yourself and experience deep joy. Mother Teresa once said that unlocking joy is dance’s mission, and that is the mission of Groove Church – to create a safe and sacred place for you to tap into the pleasure of moving your body to music in whatever ways feel good to you, and in so doing, deeply connecting you to Joy and Well-Being. No experience needed!

Your Facilitator: DJ Datania (aka Amy Mattison)


Datania has been in love with dance as expression and art form since she first saw Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers twirl across the dance floor. Many years, and dances, later she discovered the 5Rhythms practice which has been a part of her dancing path ever since. Reconnecting to the joy of moving freely and authentically from within, rather than following the specific instructions of a teacher or dance style, radically changed her experience of her body, her dance, and herself. It was her love of this practice that led her to first start DJing 15 years ago to fill a need in the Dance Community.

Datania has deep respect and appreciation for the transformative qualities of music and dance and her events are designed to take you on a journey of depth and play thereby facilitating healing, catharsis, and bliss. Her diverse musical sets have been appreciated by dancers on the east and west coasts and she is super excited to announce Groove Church here in her new homeā€”the Conejo Valley!

Contact Datania/Amy at 805-452-5678

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