Post 30-Day Challenge Partay!

Post 30-Day Challenge Partay!

Post 30-Day Challenge Partay! February 12, 11:30am at Deliteful Meals

Welcome to DeLiteFul.

Today, without even being aware of it, we are exposed to a cocktail of toxic chemicals. Here at DeLiteFul, we believe that food is medicine and should be free from harmful additives. To this end we make our food from scratch, fresh on the premises. Simply put – IT IS MADE WITH LOVE!

We use wholesome ingredients and organic wherever possible. All our meat is nitrate and nitrite free and we have grass fed options.

We use fresh herbs to spice our dishes and not MSG or any other chemical enhancer. It tastes so good because it is so good!

Everything we do has a healthy motivation. There is definitely method in our madness!

We are so glad you have joined us and are delighted to serve you.