Intellectual Cabaret with Tommy & MaryAnn

SPECIAL EVENT: Saturday / April 29th, 2017 7:00pm – 8:00pm Donations Welcome

Please Bring Pillows or a Folding Chair for your comfort
Parents bring your Aspiring Athletes
Catered by Simply Supreme Chef

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Tommy & MaryAnn

When trapped in chronic pain, illness, or suffering, and all hope is lost, where do you go? Maryann shares her triumph story of going from the top of her game to suffering a very rare injury, which led her on an arduous 8-year journey to regain her health. In this inspirational talk, she will share some divine moments from this journey, which taught her invaluable lessons that ultimately lead her back to a life full of health and happiness. Tommy, a Mindset Training specialist will share on how to better prepare ourselves to navigate our mindset in order to attain our goals and go after our dreams. Don’t miss this engaging opportunity that will move us all to the “Next Level”!

About Maryann Lekas and Thomas Muir

Maryann has been an athlete her entire life. While earning her degree from Indiana University, she played on the women’s water polo team, earning All-American Honors her senior year, and she competitively raced triathlon and road cycling in the off-season. Following college, she continued racing triathlon, which led her to the Greek National Triathlon Team. In advance of the 2004 Summer Olympics, she spent three years racing on the ETU/ITU circuit where she stood on the top of the podium at three ETU races. A significant injury three months before the August 2004 games did not leave her with enough time to recover and get back into top form. She packed up her belongings and re-settled in San Diego, re-immersing herself in yoga, while continuing to run and swim. Following a long run on one day in 2007, she made a poor decision to do an advanced yoga posture with no warm up. Unbeknownst to her for many long years, she completely severed her spinal column, which disrupted a neural pathway that controlled her ability to eliminate her intestinal waste. This set in motion an eigh -year long, arduous, painful, hopeless, sad, and remarkably unbelievable journey of six major surgeries to seek out her cure, which inevitably was an ileostomy, that allowed her to regain her health. She’s now sharing the inspirational story of her eight-year journey to regain her health and vitality along with the invaluable lessons she has learned on the path.

Tommy has been an athlete his entire life. Upon earning his degree from Illinois State University, he departed for Marine Corps Officer Candidate School. Serving as an infantry officer for six and a half years he held numerous leadership positions and did multiple combat deployments. Upon leaving the Marine Corps, he worked with several non-profits, helping wounded veterans recover through cycling and triathlon. This deeply resonated with him, leading him to John F. Kennedy University where he graduated with a Master of Arts in sport psychology. As a Mindset Training Specialist, he has had the opportunity to work with individuals from the ages of 6 through 75, helping them take their performance to the next level. He has worked with incarcerated youth, soccer players, golfers, collegiate baseball players, yoga students, authors, university professors, CEOs of start-ups, lawyers, filmmakers, software engineers, a litany of endurance athletes and individuals seeking their truth.