Hot Yoga 1000 Teacher Training

June 5 – August 7, 2016

Transform Yourself, Your Practice, and Your Profession

Nine Weeks of Intensive Yoga Practice and Studies will transform your body, your mind and give you the skills and confidence to teach Bikram Method Yoga Classes.

You will become incredibly strong and fully able to assume a “lead by example” role in the classes that you teach for years to come.

Not interested in teaching? You can also join the training for an in-depth, life changing detoxifying, and enhancing practicum that will assist you in throwing off unhealthy addictions as you powerfully change your body and yoga practice.

Our multi-talented and professional staff will lead the way.

“Yes, this is a commitment that requires stepping-up on so many levels but, what you’re considering is extremely significant and relevant more now than ever before. It’s not so much about what you see at the beginning or the end, it’s about what you become in the process!”
—K. Morgan Mattison, MS: Hatha Yoga Instructor

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Upon Graduating You Will Receive:

  • Your 500-hour GOLD Teaching Certificate
  • FREE Yoga Classes for Life
  • Phenomenal Tools for Inspiring Others
  • Flexible Work Hours of Your Choice
  • Confidence, Strength and a Totally Renewed You!

Join our team of experienced, passionate Hot Yoga 1000 Hatha Yoga Instructors, Medical Professionals, Holistic Healers, and Educators to deepen your knowledge of your Yoga practice, your body, and how you can become an inspiration to others by positively impacting their lives.

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