Mindset Training Series

Every Saturday / May 6th to June 3rd, 2017 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Posturing Your Mind

Yoga is inherently difficult. No matter our ability level or how long we have been practicing, it is a continual challenge. This is further compounded in Hot Yoga, through the added elements of heat and humidity. Hot Yoga is a lot like life. Not only is it challenging enough on its own, but sometimes the challenges are compounded. These challenges are not only physical actions our bodies must perform but equally our mindset as we work our way through them. Within every task we undertake in life, there is a physical component as well as a mental component. More times than not, people orient their focus on the physical realm of a task while not fully integrating the mental aspect… This is the component, which can oftentimes make all the difference in getting that extra leg up on the challenge at hand. Through the integration of dedicated Mindset Training, this process can become much more manageable, and this is what Tommy Muir will be here to teach you. Tommy will be leading a 4-week workshop series on the integration of Mindset Training into not only your yoga practice but all facets of your life.

Week 1: Stressors Defining stressors, understanding their origins, their impact on our daily lives, and how we can work through them with a technique.

Week 2: Control Defining the construct, understanding its relation in our daily life, where we have it, where we don’t, and how it impacts our daily lives.

Week 3: Confidence Defining self-talk, understanding its impact on our daily lives and its relationship with our performance. Then developing strategies to change our personal narrative.

Week 4: Focus Defining it, understanding the dimensions associated with it, and how our performance is impacted when we are improperly focused. Determining where we specifically need to be placing it while engaged in an activity and developing strategies to properly orient that focus.

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