Policies & Etiquette


Thank you for choosing to practice at Hot Yoga 1000. We value your loyalty and dedication to your yoga practice. As we focus on both the mind and body, we strive to maintain a peaceful and positive environment.

  • Students must sign in at front desk before entering dressing room.
  • Students will not be permitted in to class after half moon has started.
  • Sign in starts 30 minutes before class.
  • Students must practice on a mat and at least 1 towel.
  • Students must wear appropriate yoga clothing.
  • During peak times, keep shower duration to 3 minutes or less.
  • Lost and found items will be held for one week as a courtesy.
  • Students are limited to 2 classes a day.
  • Stay in the room unless it is an emergency and if you have to leave please exit in between postures.
  • Studio is locked when class starts, so make sure you get here on time.

Yogi Etiquette

We would like to inform you of some general yoga etiquette practices.

Please do not wear perfume or any scent. Thirty or more people sweating in a closed space is less odorous than thirty or more people all wearing different brands of perfume. Also, people with allergies can be very sensitive to perfumes. If possible, bathe prior to your practice.

Enter the yoga room in silence. Please do not enter and start visiting. Go right into meditation or stretching. Your practice starts when you walk in. Visit with one another after exiting the class. Please do not block another person’s view of the mirror.

Never bring a cellular phone or pager into the class. This does not mean turn off the ringer, because sooner or later you will forget. Leave it outside. Remember 90% of stress is self-induced.

No shoes in the practice area. In yoga, people put their hands, and sometimes their face on the floor. You are going to take your shoes off anyway, so please remove them at the door.

Stay in the room during class, except in the event of an emergency, in which case, alert the teacher that you need to leave so that they do not try to stop you, and so they can assist you in any way necessary. Your safety is top-priority for us.

Rest whenever you need to. Rest is a part of the practice, even the most experienced yogis rest sometimes. Rest regulates our nervous system so we can absorb the most benefits of the practice. When needed, lie down on your back and breathe slowly.

Drinking water. The first water break is after Eagle Pose. After that, drink water only after the second set of postures, never while the class is in a pose. If you come to class well-hydrated, you will not need to drink a lot of water during class. Make sure you replenish your electrolytes after practicing.

Posture modifications. We do not modify postures or use hand towels or props except in cases of an injury or when a client needs special accommodation. Talk to a teacher if you need a modification, but only before or after class.

Practice karma yoga, respect the entire room. Always bring the best and most generous attitude to your practice. Try not to distract people around you in any way. Be as still as possible, and keep bringing your attention back to yourself in the present moment, breathing slowly and relaxed. Let your sweat drip. If you need to wipe, do so discreetly. Move with the exact timing of the teacher. This supports the energy in the room.

Let go of your ego. Teachers’ corrections are meant to be helpful to you and the entire class. This yoga is challenging. Stuff comes up for everyone. That’s part of the practice and you will work with yourself in deep ways. Practice meditation in the class; watch your mind and all of its fantastical waves. Notice all the different sensations and emotions that come up for you. Keep coming back to your breath. You will learn and grow in unimaginable ways.

Leaving the room. Please inform the instructor if you need to leave early and set up your mat as close to the door as possible for your practice.

If you smoke… Please refrain from doing so at least one hour prior to class.

Additional Guidelines

Heat Preference

If you want a warmer or cooler spot, please ask the instructor where to go. Students are not permitted to touch any of the heating equipment, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, fans or windows.


If you need to cancel your reservation, you may do so online at least one hour before the class begins, or your account will be debited for the class. Late Cancellations: Students on any unlimited package will be automatically charged $10 when absent for a class that has been booked online, but not cancelled 1 hour before it begins.


We do not allow any personal items such as purses, cellphones, etc. into the yoga room. Please plan accordingly. Hot Yoga 1000 can not be held responsible for your personal property.


Discounts are available for students who meet the following criteria:

  • Full-time students with valid ID
  • AEA, SAG, AFTRA members with valid ID
  • Senior Citizens (65 and over)

Discounted rates are 10% off 5 class card, 10 class card and monthly unlimited packages.


Please keep body and feet clean when attending class. Please do not attend class with open wounds. No perfume (as some students are highly sensitive and/or allergic to strong scents). Please clean up after yourself. Laundry bins are located throughout studio. Please use recycling bins for all bottles.


Women should wear leotards or shorts and tank top or jog bra (something you are comfortable sweating in). Men should wear shorts (no boxer shorts/briefs or underwear). Women, please no bikini bathing suits or underwear. No shoes or socks.

Cell Phones

Absolutely no cell phones whatsoever allowed inside the yoga room. No verbal cell phone use is allowed in our lobbies or locker rooms. Text messaging only please. Please finish up your conversation before entering the lobby and turn your ringers off.


Please consult your doctor before taking classes.


Any comments or questions should be directed to manager on duty. You may also contact us here.