Yin Yoga

Change Your Life

Welcome to HOT YOGA 1000!

Your new YIN Yoga practice at Hot Yoga 1000 will facilitate deep relaxation and the elimination of chronic pain enhancing your overall performance and quality of life.


YIN Yoga is a gentle practice suitable for all levels of experience; beginner to advanced. The postures are held longer (generally from 3- to 5-minutes) than in a typical Hatha Yoga class and, at a cellular level, activate the body’s healing response allowing the tissue to lengthen, strengthen, and become more flexible. Combining the benefits of YIN and YANG styles of yoga further enhances overall health and physiological function establishing measurable, life enhancing improvements in your mental and physical performance.

IF YOU’RE already doing the yang, 26-n-2, Bikram Method Yoga.

YIN Yoga is the perfect complement to the YANG nature of your regular 26-n-2 Yoga practice. While the 26-n-2 method focuses on muscular contraction and the fluid nature of the three muscle groups, YIN accentuates the focus on the connective tissues; tendons, ligaments, and fascia particularly in the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. The poses are held longer allowing the tissues to gently open and lengthen facilitating deep healing, relaxation and the elimination of chronic aches and pains(especially in the hips and low back).

You’ll FEEL GOOD as you begin to REALIZE INCREDIBLE HEALTH BENEFITS in these classes led by expert instructors:

  • Heal Old Injuries
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Improve Sleep
  • Enhance Concentration
  • Support and Sustain Healthy Joints
  • Eliminate Negative Effects of Stress
  • Set the Stage for Better Posture and Mitigate Back Pain

How can we dare to make such claims?

Because that’s just a thumbnail sketch, the ‘tip of the iceberg,’ a tiny taste of the anthologies of testimonials that we’ve seen and heard repeated thousands and thousands of times from people just like you…men and women who in just a few short months (sometimes practically OVERNIGHT) transformed their lives from struggling against injury, sub-optimal living, illness, and toxicity to totally rejuvenated health… so much so that they, like myself, have made this Hatha Yoga practice, this journey, an integral part of their lives.
Before, during, and after your class, we will provide you with an onslaught of information and support designed to ensure a massive wave of advancement in terms of health, fitness, nutrition, intuition, and self-connection. You’ll receive:

  • Professional Instruction
  • Enthusiastic, Personal Service
  • Incentives for Bringing Guests
  • No Pain Pricing for Whatever You Need
  • Access to Multiple Classes, Multiple Times…and more
  • The Next Level of Health and Well Being Awaits You!



Our Mission

Provide a comprehensive framework of holistic healing modalities for the enhancement of human performance applying Hatha Yoga, Therapeutic Massage, and Nutrition in a collaborative Setting.

Our Vision

Co-create healthy, sustainable communities of Self-Actualized people that exemplify and propagate “highly evolved ways of being.”

Core Values

People, Love, Excellence, Compassion, Service